Policy on Alcohol & Drugs on Campus

Policy Regarding Alcohol and Drugs on CampusBainbridge College supports the laws of the State of Georgia with respect to the sale, use, distribution and possession of alcoholic beverages on campus. Educational programs sponsored by or through the Office of Student Affairs and the Physical Education faculty seek to enhance the awareness of alcohol and to curb its abuse. These programs are designed to develop a sense of responsibility within the students with respect to the use of alcohol.

Please note the following:

  • The sale, use, and distribution of alcohol are prohibited on campus or at any event sponsored or supervised by any college-recognized club.
  • No student or participant shall be in an intoxicated condition manifested by boisterousness, rowdiness, obscene or indecent conduct or appearance, or by vulgar, profane, or unbecoming language.
  • Individuals and clubs violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the student handbook.
  • No Smoking or Tobacco Substance in the Student Center.

Policy on the use of Illegal Drugs

The possession, use (without valid medical or dental prescription), manufacture, furnishing, or sale of any narcotic or dangerous drug controlled by federal or Georgia law is prohibited.

Any student convicted of a felony drug charge, which occurs on or off campus must be suspended from school as outlined in the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act distributed to all students during Fall Orientation.

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