Student Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

1. Right of Access to Higher Education – All students of this Institution have the right to seek knowledge.  This right cannot be denied without due process.

2. Right of Fair Academic Evaluation – Students have the right to fair academic evaluation. However, at the same time, the students must maintain the requirements of the instructors. These requirements must be explicitly stated in advance.

  • Grade Appeal – Should a student feel s/he is being unjustly evaluated, s/he should attempt to consult with the involved instructor.  If the situation is not resolved, the student should consult with the department chairman, if the chairman is not the instructor involved.  If all such attempts fail, the student should consult with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  In keeping with Board of Regents’ Policy, students may submit a final appeal to the President of the College.

3. Right to Confidentiality of Student’s Records – Students have the right to expect that their records will be kept confidential except in cases in which records are specifically called for as stated in the Bainbridge College Catalog and in the Family Rights and Privacy Act found in this handbook.

4. Right of Student Participation in the Formulation of Institutional Policy
Students have the freedom to express views on issues of institutional policy and have the right to participate in the formulation of institutional policy. All suggestions or questions should be directed through the SGA President.

5. Right of Students Concerning Student Discipline and Conduct – Students are free from punishment by lowering of academic evaluations for nonacademic violations.  When charged with misconduct, the student has the right to choose a hearing before the Discipline Committee of Bainbridge College or the Vice President of Student Affairs.  The decision reached as a result of the hearing by either the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Discipline Committee is final unless the student wishes to utilize his right to appeal to the President of the College.  In turn, the decision of the President can be appealed to the Board of Regents.

6. Right to Inquiry and Expression – Students have the freedom to examine and to discuss all issues of interest and to express opinions publicly and privately, so long as these expressions of opinion do not violate state law or policy for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. For a permit to demonstrate, contact the Vice President of Student Affairs.

  • Peaceful Assembly of Students – The freedom to organize peacefully in groups is recognized by Bainbridge College.
  • Picketing and Petitioning – Students have the right to picket peacefully or petition those issues or regulations to which they object or seek to have implemented.
  • Circulation of Literature – The right of students to circulate literature on campus is recognized.
  • Right to Student Organizations – The students have the freedom to join organizations or create organizations following the guidelines provided by the Bainbridge College Student Governing Council.
  • Freedom of Press – The right of students to print their opinions on subjects and issues is to be upheld.
  • Freedom of Speech – The right of students to speak on issues of importance is recognized.

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